Style X offers salon-professional hair products and treatments. In order to increase market share and accommodate new product launches, they asked us to build a native mobile experience that would allow users to shop products, engage with content and book appointments with stylists in their area. The brand’s unique point-of-difference is their stylist community, so we created an experience that put them at the center, giving them tools to develop their own personal brand and build their client base.

Stylist and Customer Interviews
Over a period of two days, the team conducted workshops with both stylists and consumers to understand the needs and behaviors of each user group.

After completing the interviews, we went through a few iterations of affinty mapping to sort through the data. We then translated this into personas.

Site map
Before deciding to make this a mobile app, stakeholders were thinking it would be web, so we took the user needs, gathered stakeholder requirements and produced a sitemap. Note that different content is served to stylists and consumers. Stylist content is denoted with pink.

We went through several iterations of wireframes, focusing on shopping pages and the appointment booking flow. However, after the wireframes were complete, the stakeholders decided they wanted to create a native mobile application for a more seamless experience. We rapidly sketched key app screens.

User testing
We tested our prototype on 5 consumers to allow for quick iteration.

Final design
We took the user test results and incorporated changes into the final designs.

Product listing page and filtering

Product page

Salon Finder

Booking a stylist appointment

The stylist content experience

Stylist account key screens

Android screens