My Background

I am a hybrid designer equally versed in user-experience and branding, and have had the pleasure of doing meaningful work for a variety of startups and established brands including Wigwam Mills, John Masters Organics, Ouidad, Uber, and Chanel. As lead designer at MSLK, a small agency that specializes in building beauty brands, I am accustomed to wearing many hats and getting my hands dirty. I have vertical expertise in beauty and have been involved in all stages of brand development, from product architecture and brand story to the design of identity systems, packaging, websites, micro-sites, apps, and educational tools. I am both a big-picture systems thinker and sweat the tiniest of details. For me, great design leads users to the information they seek quickly and efficiently, while making a memorable visual statement.

My Design Approach

I built a foundation for my user-centered approach in the communication design program at Washington University in St. Louis. I have continued to learn and hone these skills every day as I have grown as designer and leader at MSLK. Whether creating a digital experience or a physical one, I use lean methodologies to ensure that time and budgets are spent in the right places. I believe that designers are facilitators and that stakeholders and users must be involved at key parts of the process. During the early stages, it’s about organizing the research and having discussions to define the problem and success criteria. As a project progresses, we prototype, test and iterate on our solutions. Following this process ensures that the end results answers user needs while achieving business goals. Everybody wins.